The Kannada Film Industry, or what we call the Sandalwood Industry has a number of amazing actors who have worked hard to keep all of us entertained. Among all of such wonderful talents is a legend who has been entertaining us for over three decades. Shivanna is not a name that gets missed when you are talking about Sandalwood. He is the son of veteran actor Dr.Rajkumar. Along with continuing the legacy of his father, Dr.Shivaraj Kumar has paved a pathway of his own in the industry and has rendered his best efforts to make a place in the heart of his fans forever.

This legend bubbles with energy even after years of acting and is one of the most down-to-earth human beings we can ever come across. He is considered to be an evergreen actor in the Kannada Industry and owns all the love and respect from the entire state of Karnataka. Today is the actor’s birthday and it is hard to believe that he is 58 years. His fitness and his soft heart is something that you know, but here is what you did not know about Nagaraju Shiva Puttaswamy – fondly called as Shivanna.

  1. Favourite Destination – London
  2. Favourite Book – Enid Blyton’s Best of Five
  3. Food – Chicken Biryani anytime
  4. Inspiration – Dad
  5. Key To Happiness- My Family
  1. Favourite Director – K Bala Chander
  2. Favourite Actor – Puttanna Kanagal, Appaji, Kamal Haasan
  3. Favourite Actress  – Madhuri Dixit
  4. Favourite Game – Cricket
  5. What would you be if not an actor – A cricket player
  6. Do you miss being on the field (CPL times) – God has given a wonderful industry, so I do not miss it much.

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