If you have been a television serial follower, the name ‘Digangana Suryavanshi’ is not new to you. She’s been entertaining a million ever since 2002, and in 2020, she is just making it bigger and better.  If you have watched Kya Haadsa Kya Haqeeqat, the 7-year-old Suryavanshi then, was everyone’s favourite child artist. She grew up before the lights and cameras and is making it successful in the film industries down south. Here is a piece of the interview from this powerhouse of talent. 

FB – You started your journey at the age of seven. Was it your choice or a path that your parents led you in?

DS – Well, I was around 1.5-2 when I began nagging my parents to get into the television. I used to be highly dramatic over things, and they just took it as a phase that would pass by. Eventually, when I was around four, I started pushing them about me being on the tv. My papa finally agreed to it over a talk that I would manage my studies even when I was on the set. They initially thought that I was putting these ideas only because I did not want to go to school and that wasn’t the truth. Right from the first day on set, I managed my homework and was a good student. I wanted to be on set because that made me the happiest. 

FB – How has the industry changed according to you over the years?

DS – It has not really changed for me. I have looked at myself as an actor and I have expected so many things from me. As a human being, I did not feel any difference as my perception towards life and career have been the same. I’ve always respected people back then when I was a newcomer and it is the same even now. As far as the industry is concerned, people did not take me seriously as a kid, but as they saw me grew, it was different. When I moved from fiction to non-fiction and when Big Boss happened, many people started taking me seriously. 

FB – Tell us about your journey from the TV to the Film Industry?

DS – I was only 18 when I began getting a lot of television opportunities after Big Boss. However, I had to take a decision for myself. I had been in the television industry for quite long and have immense respect towards it, but I wanted to try my luck into movies. People then thought that I was a fool for discarding so many offers and jumping into movies when I took a break for a year and a half and got into movies. One by one, the movies happened well, and God has been kind to me. 

FB – You’ve been multitasking beautifully. You’ve been an awesome writer and an amazing singer along with being a stupendous actor. How do you do all of this?

DS – This is more like a compliment to me. Thank you! People have seen a more of me act. There is more that I need to do and there is more for you to see. On a personal front, its a part of life and its a constant. I make time for all these things that I love. Along with all of this, I love spending time with my family too as priorities should not become a burden. I do all this because I live to do it.

FB – How has lockdown been to you?

DS – It is interesting, although I wondered how to get over it when it began. I’ve sketched and painted a lot. The last time I had painted was back at school and I was too much into it. I now paint human figures. I painted a Radha-Krishna painting and it has made me feel proud of myself. When my papa got me the canvas, he asked me to try it on a paper as it was a lockdown and getting another canvas would be difficult. But I asked him to have faith and it came out really well. 

FB – Tell us about your upcoming projects? How do you feel the south industry is?

DS – Yes, I have one in Hindi and two of Telugu coming up. It is all in the shooting phase and we are waiting for the lockdown to get over. Down south, there is a lot of love and acceptance from the crews I’ve been working with. It’s a wonderful feeling to be on the set. I had to sit down from the director for 5-6 days to understand the lines and accent. For Telugu, I mug up all my lines as I do not want to have someone in the background. Apart from the language, there is nothing different that I see in the north and south industry. 

This diva concluded by asking all of the readers to be safe even if the lockdown ends as the virus cannot be seen with the naked eye. We hope to watch her on the big screen after the lockdown settles and normalcy is attained. 


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