2019 has made room for fashion gods to pour out their creativity. With the old and new designers and fashion endorsers giving out amazing fashion credentials, here are some add-on styles to your wardrobe collection. 

1. Floral prints – Floral prints were always one of the women’s fantasies. Be it casual wear or a formal one, the designers have beautifully synced these prints artistically.

2. High Slits – High slits which were once on huge demand in the 90s are back with the same aura. You can see the celebrities looking at their best with a long high slit gown or a fancy high slit skirt paired up with a suitable blouse. 

3. Canvas – Right from the Duchess of Cambridge to the top actors in Hollywood, everybody pulls on a pair of canvas to finish off their casual look. These shoes can be paired well with jeans and a white crop top. 

4. Pastels – Pastels are one among everyone’s favourite shades now. Even the formal suits come out in colours of lemon yellow, baby pink, lavender and other such pastels. The divas who have brought this into limelight must be thanked and praised for rightly blending pastels and formals. 


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