Do you remember laughing at the silly brother-sister fights in Ghilli? Many of us remember Vijay and some of them still remember the little girl in the movie who meticulously carried out her role. She is all grown up today and is an actor, a businesswoman and a makeover artist. Baby Jennifer who is now called Nancy Jennifer was first seen in Kizzaku Karai when she was barely a year old. She has been a part of the industry since then and has kept many entertained with her charisma. Get to know what this artist does these days.

Sets From The Age Of One

Jennifer is popularly called Baby Jennifer and she was in front of the camera right from the age of one. She had back-to-back movie opportunities and did not attend school after her upper kindergarten class. The industry was her home, school, and everything.

She Became An Entrepreneur At 20:
She grew up watching her dad who was into business. At the age of 20, she had a keen eye toward event management. From being a child artist, this lady has multitasked as an entrepreneur of an event management company and also as a fine makeover artist.

Jennifer shared the screen with huge Kollywood stars like Vijay, Surya etc

As a child artist Baby Jennifer has acted in movies with Surya, Vijay, Prabhu, Khushboo and a lot more celebrities. She has cherished every moment during the shoot she says. The movies have kept her connected with all the stars till now.

Interest in becoming a makeover Artist

Jennifer was comfortable with her mother dolling her up. She eventually picked the trait herself and decked one of her cousins during a wedding. The result was amazing and she wanted to explore more by attending the classes for self makeup from Dubai and Hair-do classes in Bangalore. She soon began decking up more and more people and that is how she became a makeover artist.

You can see her next in a cannibal movie:
All of us love adrenaline rushes and await to watch thrillers and fictions. We can see Nancy Jennifer playing an important role in Trip – a cannibal movie.

Plans for next five years:

Nancy Jennifer aims at becoming a businesswoman and definitely an actress until her last breath. In the next five years, she also wants to become a director for short films and plans of entering into motherhood.

Is she a workaholic?

We could rather call Nancy very successful. She has been on her toes since the age of one and has sustained herself to become a multitasker. Jennifer believes in trying new things that come her way with all the perfection needed. This makes her successful in everything she does.

Presence in Youtube

You can see her channel on youtube and this has a lot of information about cooking, travel, makeover and a lot more. She has been a part of Kitchen Superstar and her food recipes are a delight. The channel is called ‘With Love Jennifer’ and you can subscribe to it as well.

She shares her beauty secrets with her business – Home Made With Love:
She has been running a business of making homemade products for better skin. All of it is natural and herbal. These are something that she has been using since childhood and the products have kept her beautiful and flawless in spite of all the makeup and lights her skin takes. You can visit @homemadewithlove_jen on Instagram and choose the products for yourself.


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