While many believe that an actor is defined by the intensity of the character, it is important for anyone playing any role to get a makeover that brings out the character’s look. Makeup has always been an integral part of the industry. We all fall for the looks of the actors we see on screen. Aishwarya Rai played the character of Sarabjit beautifully while most of us loved Mary Kom. The man behind giving a complete makeover to fit the actors into their characters is the makeup king Shubash Shinde. 

Shinde started his journey in the industry at a raw age of 18 as an assistant makeover artist for the movie Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ). It has been 20 years for now and he has been known as ‘The Legend Of Makeup’. His love for makeup and creativity to transform an actor into the character they play fetched him all the success and a strong place in the film industry easily. Since then, if it was makeup – it was Shubash Shinde’s. All the awards pertaining to makeover is on his shelf and this tells us what he is. 

“I love to play with colours”, he says when he is asked about what made him get into the world of makeup. He has worked for the best films with all the top superstars who believe that he has magic in his hands. He has also been a part of the international fashion shows held in Paris, London and all over the world and has worked with top designers too.  

Apart from Sarabjit, and DDLJ, Bhoomi, and Black, he has rendered makeover to top stars like Sridevi, Sanjay Dutt and many big stars in over 50 movies. Shubash is highly experienced in bridal, beauty and prosthetic makeup. Among all, prosthetic makeup is his favourite. 

“Prosthetic makeover can completely transform one face into another. You could make a thin person look fat, and plump person look thin. You can make the one in 20s look like someone from 80s and vice-versa”, says Shubash who has earned the title of ‘Prosthetic King of Bollywood’. Many organisations in India have invited him to take seminars on makeup and he takes them up and delivers knowledge exceptionally well. He also has done makeup for social causes to many blind and physically challenged girls to boost their confidence. 

The story does not end here. “I want to impart all that I have learned to people who aspire to take up makeup as passion just like me”, he says. Shubash Shinde has opened an international makeover academy with his name in Mumbai where all the budding makeup artists from all over the world flock in to learn makeover from the Makeup King himself. He has trained many and aspires to impart knowledge to everyone who loves to play with colours. “I may live or die the next moment, but my work should always live”, says Shubash. 


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