You have seen her on the television and also on the big screen with Aamir Khan and other superstars. Her journey is an inspiring one and is a provocation for many to give dreams a flight. Here from the one and only Shama Sikander – The Fit Diva and an amazing star the industry has had.

 FB – Your career did not start off easily. What made you stay focused and determined?

SS – I don’t know what exactly it is that made me stay focused. I just know that I had my focus there on its own and I could never figure where it came from. I think it’s just so natural to you and it just happens and I am glad that it happened to me and is still happening to me. 

FB –  Tell us about your journey.

SS – My journey has been pretty exciting. It’s been like a typical rock and roll, up and down thing. More downs than ups but the ups have been worthwhile so I shouldn’t forget that at all. The downtimes have taught me so much about life, people and myself. It has made me introspect so many times and change the way of thinking about life. I have seen some really deep, interesting things, met some great people, and also some people who were meant to do bad things to me. So yeah, my journey has been very very enlightening I would say.

FB – You’ve been playing various roles on television, big screen and have also rendered a glimpse of music videos. What do you enjoy working for?

SS – I enjoy working for all of them. Big or small screen, I am an actor and for me, it doesn’t matter where I am acting. Nowadays the production value of TV and songs is top-notch. As an actor, the script is the most important. I should like what I am doing and enjoy the script thoroughly. And then it honestly doesn’t matter be it music videos or tv or films. 

FB – Being an outsider, do you feel the pinch of getting fame that is already stored in for star kids?

SS – Yes, I do absolutely. One person’s hard work is the other person’s benefit and so is the father generation name and fame to the children. Yes, they are privileged but their parents have really worked hard for them. They do get it on the platter but that’s how it’s going to be. The world has always been like that. The rich people’s kids always get benefits. They have been born with it. That does not mean that they don’t have their struggles. Every person has their own struggle and things to follow and they have their own lives to live. I am sure their struggles are different than mine but they do have them. Nobody has a life without struggle.

FB – You’ve been awarded as fitness diva. What keeps you fit?

SS – Well, thank you so much. My desire to live healthily keeps me fit. For me, it matters the most that I am healthy, that I am moving fast and doing things on my own. I prefer to stay healthy and for that working out is very important. I do like to work out as it makes me feel very happy. It improves my happy hormones. That’s why I like to stay fit and it’s my lifestyle. Just like I breathe, I eat, I also workout. My body demands it. It’s like it wants it.

FB – Do you have a particular diet?

SS – Yes, I do. Every time whatever I am trying to achieve in my body changes my diet. But mostly all the diets are very healthy. They would be low carbs, high in protein and just healthier food. I like to stick to organic food and eat things that have their own taste and are not mechanically made or processed with chemicals because those things taste different and like rubber to me. I am on healthy eating and not on crash diets because they ruin my mental health so I prefer to live a healthy lifestyle, workout and drink a lot of water.

FB – What is your workout routine?

SS – I work out at least 6 days a week. Three days of cardio and three days of weight training. I like to stick to classic weight training with a lot of focus on my muscles. For me what matters is the posture. I give more importance to the posture rather than doing a lot of reps. I like to have my body in the right position so that I don’t injure myself, calculated movements and not very frivolous. Quite a few people do a lot of CrossFit and they end up injuring themselves and a lot of people do a lot of strenuous exercises that they are not trained for and then they end up having major injuries. So I like my movements to be compact and risk-free and more effective. 


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