When the teaser of Bandini released back in 2009, the entire clan of entertainment lovers was enthusiastic to see a new face in the television industry. This new face carried out the role amazingly and bagged many shows in the industry. We see her in Tenali Raman today and still go mesmerized with her charm and acting skills. Here are a few more unknown facts of Aasiya Kazi for all of you to know.

What she says about her journey:

The industry is a different world and it takes time and effort to take in baby footsteps over here. Yes, it is not easy for any newcomer or anyone who is from the celeb family too. I had my own share of struggles but it was my mom and family who were extremely supportive to me. 

She was not sure of Tenali Raman:

I initially did not want to do Tenali Raman because it was famous and was a comedy one. When the team called me to audition, I was skeptical as I had never done a comedy show. The auditions went well and all of them loved my look. I got a call to play the role of Sharda the same evening and my loved ones insisted I give this role a try. I am happy and thankful to say yes to it and the journey has been wonderful. 

Similarities and differences between Sharda and Aasiya:

Sharda speaks a lot and so am I. Our body languages are almost similar and both of us are expressive. However, Sharda can do anything and has all the madness. She can sit on the road and cry too. I guess I do not dare to do it and these are the differences between us. It was a little difficult to learn dialogues in pure Hindi, but I am used to it now. 

The character, among all the soaps that is close to her heart:

The industry is really welcoming and has granted me a lot of work. The closer one is my first show and I am a little biased towards it. It was the beginning of my career and I had a new experience with a lot of learning. Bandini is always close to my heart. 

What she likes to change:

There are many things that I want to change. Many lack humanity – it could be about being religion centric or about passing negative comments and trolling people on social media. We see a lot of them passing negative comments and this is really bad. If someone cannot say good, they should not say something bad too. Given a chance, I want to reform both of these. 

Clothes she is comfortable in:

I would love to wear ethnic. I do not prefer heavy ethnic wear but would go to something light. On any casual day, I slip into a pair of jeans and a tee. I keep my makeup very light and this is what makes me comfortable.

Food that makes her mouth water:

I am a big foodie and would eat anything that you give me. Indian cuisine is something I am very fond of. 

Aasiya as a person is sweet and bubbly and we would definitely wish to see her on-screen for the longest time.


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