Aalisha is a flower bud in the television industry that has bloomed beautifully with time. She has played complex roles and has always kept the audience and viewers hooked on to the screen. Aalisha hails from Himachal Pradesh and is settled in Mumbai to put her career dream into action. Starting from Begusarai when she was 18, Aalisha who is 23 now has made sure that her career curve is kept up and has been an inspiration to many. Here is an exclusive interview with her.

Choosing acting over a million career pathways:

I was never a camera-shy kid and loved to be in front of the camera. As I grew up watching Madhuri, Aishwarya and other stars, it made me mesmerized and triggered the love to go out there, act and become a celebrity.

Having family as the backbone:

My family had always been very supportive of all the decisions I took. They were extremely supportive of this one too. I always had them by me in all the phases of life.

Life has been a Merry-go-Round as an actor:

As an actor, life had its highs and lows that come in all the actors’ lives, but I’m lucky enough to keep my graph’s slope up by getting a role bigger and better than the previous one in spite of the breaks in between.  

The role close to my heart:

I had the opportunity to play a dual role of Aarohi and Tara in Ishq Mein Marjawan which was aired on Colours TV. Aarohi was a subtle character but Tara was extremely unpredictable. She was a classic maniac who laughed, cried, made people cry and had sudden bursts of emotions. I explored a lot of acting in me when I carried out the role of Tara and this role is close to my heart.

Striking a balance between work and family:

With acting comes a huge career responsibility. Sundays are as good as Mondays and there would be back-to-back shooting for daily soaps. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to give out the needed time to family and that is when I bring mine to the set along with me at times.

The mantra to look beautiful:

There’s one beauty mantra that I tell everyone; being happy on the inside makes you look beautiful on the outside. If you are positive inside, your eyes gleam and facial expressions speak. If you are positive, you will be calm, cheerful, and happy and this makes you look beautiful. With this, have water and kick start some meditation and yoga.

Fitness Goals:

Staying on a diet does not mean you sit and starve to burn your calories and stay fit. Dieting is to eat but to eat healthily. A lot of veggies and water are the key ingredients of fitness. I am not a workout person and rarely hit the gym, but there are jogging and yoga in my fitness to-do list. 

Preferring pets over gadgets:

I am a dog lover and would always prefer pets over gadgets. However, I live alone in Mumbai and my family stays in Himachal. I would definitely not have a pet locked up alone at home without anyone with it. 

Inspiring faces in life:

I have always looked up to my parents for inspiration ever since childhood. Both f them were independent and would always teach me to be one such person. They say “Do what you love and put in your hard work. Success follows behind”. This has been true and I live a life with their guidance. In the industry, I look up to Madhuri, Aishwarya and all the legends who inspired me to be a part of this career fraternity.

2 am friend from the industry:

I do have 2qam friends but all are not from this industry. Vijay is a friend who would always stand by me at all the ups and downs. He is someone whom I could disturb anytime.

Aalisha in future:

As of now, in the near future, you would be seeing me on the television with a new avatar. Later, as all grow, you would find me on the web and then on the big screen too.

Fashion that I slip onto frequently:

I would go for casual frocks or a crop top paired with frocks. It makes me look cute and I love these looks.

A go-to colour:

It has always been light purple.

Celebrity I’d love to watch and learn from:

I look up to many, right from SRK and Madhuri to Deepika and Katrina.

Holiday destination to escape:

My holiday destination depends on my mood and the climate. During summer, I would love to travel to Kashmir and in the cold season, I would prefer hitting on the beaches at Goa.

Food that makes my taste buds dance:

Being a vegetarian, I am left with nothing but Panneer and Mushrooms. On my cheat days, I belt Chinese food. I have a sweet tooth and can eat any kind of desserts, again on my cheat days.

Love or friendship

Love and friendship go hand in hand. Any relationship needs care and love. Be it friend, family or anyone close to you; Love is always a part of it.


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