Kulfi For The World – Aakriti Sharma In Reality

An Exclusive Piece Of Interview For Parents And Kulfi’s Fans

All those who are called parents want their child to be the best. While most of them become experts in pressurising their little one to become a nerd, there are a few who break the usual roads and create a pathway that their children love to follow. Kulfi Kumar Bhajewala is all our favourite show and many of us plan our routine with this show in it. We would not have met Kulfi if Aakriti Sharma’s parents Hari Sharma and Dimple Sharma did not do something exceptional. The child and her parents are a motivation to many and here is what they have to say. 

A Talk With Aakriti’s Parents:

FB – How did you realize that Aakriti had a passion for acting?

DH – Aakriti started performing when she was only 3. She would take part in the school’s dance and drama activities. She was an amazing narrator. She never had stage fear and was never shy. This made us realise her passion. 

FB – In the society where parents pull the child and forcefully become bookworms, you both did something else. What made you take the decision to let Aakriti become Kulfi?

DH – We were not parents who wanted their kids to score a good 90 plus in studies. I and Hari always wanted our baby to do what she likes and do the best at it. We thought out of the box and the choice we made was right.  

FB – Did you feel the pinch of society? Did anyone come to you and stopped both of you from letting Aakriti accomplish her dream?

DH – There were people who suggested us to make her study and told us that she was too small for acting. We knew where Aakriti’s passion lied. Studies and acting go parallel, but she loves to act. The opportunity of playing Kulfi was something that we dint want her to lose and this made us hear our heart. 

FB – As parents of Aakriti, there are chances of you and her getting praised and getting trolled too. How do you manage that?

DH – All the actors get trolled – be it a child artist or an adult artist. In Kulfi’s case, around 2% of people troll but the rest is appreciation. We ignore trolls like others. 

FB – How do you help your child strike a balance between her acting sessions and studies?

DH – Sometimes, we shoot for the whole day and come back home at night. This makes it a little hard, but when a child has this routine, she automatically becomes disciplined. This was the same in Aakriti’s case and we make it a point to plan things in advance to strike a balance. 

FB – Aakriti is a star. How do you handle the fame she has?

DH – We never put a word to Aakriti that she is a star. We make sure that we do not over pamper her and make sure she is down to earth. Even on the set, Aakriti behaves the same with her fellow actor and a normal spot boy. 

FB – Is there a message you would want to convey to the readers who are parents?

DH – Never make your child selfish and let your child be a free bird to choose what interests him/her the most. Guide them properly until they become a good human. 

Kulfi Facts:

FB – One of the most favourite thing you would do.

AS – I love to do something different. Mostly art and craft. 

FB – Favourite destination you would want to travel to.

AS – Disney Land

FB – Favourite colour.

AS – Pink and Peach

FB – Favourite food.

AS – Chinese

FB – A favourite actor on screen.

AS – Madhuri Dixit

FB – Are you a mumma or a pappa’s girl?

AS – I love them both.

FB – Your message to all our readers.

AS – Live and enjoy your life. Be happy with everyone and love all. Do not hurt anyone.


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