Big Boss and other such reality shows witnessed an amazing personality who showed great sportsmanship. Her life was not easy but she kept her calm throughout. Today, Dimpy Ganguly is happily married and is the proud mother of Reanna. Along with this, she is all geared up to welcome baby number 2 soon. She shares her story and ideas on parenting. 

FB – We have seen Dimpy take part enthusiastically in most of the reality shows. How has marriage and motherhood changed your life?

DG – Well marriage and motherhood have opened a completely new world to me –  a world which has taught me how to invest in the currency of love and trust me I have received some great ROIs so far! It’s no less of a reality show full of adventure, romance, comic relief and drama, but every bit is worth it!

FB – Your second one is on the way and Reanna must really be excited about it. How are you preparing your way to manage both kids? 

DG – Reanna is a bit too excited! Almost every day, she has been asking me, “Is the baby ready to come out yet?” and I have to remind her that it’s still not April. Steering the conversation to the months of the year and making her naming them one after the other is a memory in itself. Honestly, I haven’t thought too much about how to manage two kids, because in my opinion, it is not possible to plan. Every baby is different – different in sleep patterns, different in energies, different in nature and every child reacts to a new sibling differently. I will only know the synergies once the baby is here, even then I know every day will be a different challenge and every day there will be a different dynamic. My plan for now is to take one day at a time and then move forward.

             FB – What is parenting for you? What do you do to connect with your baby better?

DG – Parenting for me if I have to simply put, is leading by example. I believe children never learn from teachings/preachings, they merely imitate the behaviour they see around them. I cannot and will never try to teach something to my child which I don’t practice or will never be able to live myself. Even when I am saying things that are “idealistic” I make a very conscious effort to practice that. You cannot snatch things from kids and then expect them to say “please” when they are snatching things from other kids. The most important thing for me to connect with my baby is the time I spent with her and away from my phone, my books, my work with undivided attention.

FB – Are there days where you have lost your cool over her? How do you handle it?

 DG – Of course! There are quite a few moments like that each day. Well, I try to warn her that she is really testing my patience, mostly these days she drops it and tells me, “Don’t scold me, my heart breaks”, and I tell her that my heart breaks when I have to scold her too, and we hug it out. But on our really really bad days her teacher at school gave me a solution, she asked me to just walk away from her and leave her alone for some time. Surprisingly she calms down faster.

FB – You have been a fit and glowing mother. What are your secrets for good skin and a toned body?

 DG – Honestly, not much, I do go for runs some time (whenever I get some time and motivation) but otherwise I try to remain as proactive as possible. Even in pregnancy, we decided on a duplex house because I felt the stair walking will give me a daily dose of movement, even when I’m feeling lazy. And for skin, I have a nighttime routine – cleanse, tone and moisturize before going to sleep and that’s all! I guess I’m genetically blessed to an extent with high metabolism so that helps.

FB – Motherhood is not easy. How do you manage home, kids, married life and professional life? 

It’s definitely not easy, and it would not have been possible without the support of my husband. We both play our parts in being parents, and running the house and making our marriage work. So it would be unfair to claim that it’s a one-person job.

FB – Parenting is right when both the dad and mom set it right. What is your part and what is your husband Rohit’s part in bringing up Reanna and the second star?

 DG – When Rohit and I decided to go the family way, we realized that the kind of people that we are we would be happier if we have clear roles to ourselves instead of both of us trying to do everything. So while I chose to be the Nurturer he chose to be the Provider, touchwood so far that has worked out well for us.


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