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Sital Tripathy is a Yoga Instructor and a Fitness Model. Started her career in the corporate sector as an operation analyst. Always conscious about fitness has inspired her to join the fitness centre. Due to some health issues, she discontinued going to Gym. Passionate about the health-conscious, she never left her hope and later joined Yoga which showed a drastic change in her health and became mentally strong. That inspired her to pursue a certification in Yoga and started sharing the knowledge to others.

Few things as a Yoga Instructor which would change your thoughts and a small piece of words from my experience:-

1. What makes you keep on learning?

Every time I perform yoga or attend a yoga class, or educate a yoga class, I learn something new.  In realistic terms, this can make planning classes seem even more intricate and time-consuming. However, this constant learning is also the beauty of it. Yoga, like life, is an ongoing ‘path’, with twists and turns and ups and downs and I think if you approach it with an open, trusting, inquisitive mind, there will always be something interesting to discover (and teach).

 2. A Piece of your advice. Less is more – leave egos at the door!

In the beginning, I spent hours planning inventive, intricate classes for my (mostly beginner) students when one day, whilst watching them trying to grasp for their back foot in a twisted monkey pose, I realised that most of them just sought to come to class to stretch their bodies in a fairly achievable way!  From my experience, it’s often the ‘basic’ poses which allow room for gradual opening, that offer people the opportunity to really tune into their bodies and their breath.  

3. Teach from your own experience

This is one of the most difficult – but satisfying – lessons I’ve learnt.  After realising it probably wasn’t industrious or necessary to spend days ‘researching’ my yoga class plan by

a) watching at least 3 yoga videos (YouTube) to see how other instructors approached the same subject, peak pose or purpose,

b) Reading and analysing every article and poses I could on the subject and

c) Berating myself for “not knowing enough”, I realised the classes I most enjoyed teaching came from my own heart. 

4. Always move with the stream

This is another difficult challenge for me as I’m a meticulous planner and perfectionist – a lethal combination! Also came from a reputed corporate sector. The problem is, neither of these leaves much room for the occasional ‘surprises’ life has in store –Change is predictable; try to learn to become accustomed to it rather than controlling it.

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