Having children is a beautiful blessing in itself. Children are the future holders and make the best companions for life. Every child is different it is the responsibility of the parents to carefully mould them in the best way possible. Eash step towards building a better human in your baby begins and ends with you. Here are some tips that you need to remember as a parent.

  • Connect With Them

Connect and get glued to your baby just like how you connect and stick on to your phone. We see kids in their teenage getting drifted away from their parents. Make sure you do not give a chance to your child to move away from you because of your busy schedule. Sit with your baby as he does his homework, eats or simply plays around. 

  • Do not show your frustration on them

It is human nature to get annoyed and aggressive at times. Many would give a good whacking to their child when he happens to do something and the mood of the parent is bad. Do remember that your child is a human and not a toy to show your aggression on. No matter how angry you are, divert your mind to something else and do not be rude to the child. Children tend to pick this habit and show it on their fellow classmates – a sign that is not good. 

  • Have meals together

You may be rich enough to hire a nanny, but make sure you and your baby have meal together. This encourages family bonding in children and keeps the family values instilled in them. It is easy to distract kids and make them eat with a video running over the mobile. Make sure you do not encourage this. Instead, talk to your child about the day, or tell him some nice stories so that he eats quickly. 

  • Plan travelling together

Travelling together need not be an outstation one. You could travel along to a nearby mall or a nearby park. Travel to get connected with your child and encourage him to be social with everyone. Children love adventure – make sure you become a part of their adventures too. 

  • Allow them to approach you

Do not yell at your child if she does something that is not right. This makes them fear you and hide some mistakes later. Allow them to approach you with the – good or the bad things they have done. Patiently listen to them and guide them in the right way thereafter. You need to be a good listener while handling children. The child will listen to you only when you listen to the child.

The tips shared here are easy to be preached but difficult to be followed. Make sure you inculcate these tips one-by-one and bring up a responsible adult for the future.


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