She’s tough and she’s ambitious. She’s gracious and kind. She’s a woman of substance. Himanshi Khurana is a talented model, actress and singer hailing from the state of Punjab. With her hypnotizing eyes and wholesome smile, she’s cast a spell over millions. Big Boss 13 is an adventure you would love to watch and Himanshi makes the journey more adventurous and keeps you glued to the show. 

Many have become her die-hard fans and some just fall head over heels for her girl-next-door looks. Himanshi is, however, a lot more than what you think you know. Winning the title of Ms Ludhiana during her sweet sixteen, this Punjabi singer is a blend of cream and tornado. Above all, she is her momma’s angel. Here are all the unknown facts that her mother Suneet Kaur has told Fashion Bud. 

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Facts Revealed!

  • A child at heart – She’s a fun-loving girl. If you are clever and lucky enough, you can spot her in fairs as loves to wear a disguise and go to fairs and enjoy rides.
  • Himanshi was declared as National Crush of India and was trending for the same for one whole week.
  • Animal fan – She is a die-hard animal lover and is a member of People For Animals organization (PFA).
  • For the society – She is an active member of Khalsa Aid and has done many relief programs with her team during the Punjab flood and Bangladesh Rohingya camps.
  • Adventure is her other name – She’s super adventurous and loves to indulge in sports like river rafting, valley crossing, sky diving and more!
  • Her crazy collection – She loves to collect perfumes and shoes.
  • Straight on the face – When a local Punjabi singer tried to demean her with snide remarks, Himanshi gave it back with a banging track called Aag Bahut Hai.
  • Hardcore tea lover – If you were clueless of why Himanshi gets tagged in Chai memes, it’s all because of her love for tea. She can have tea anytime and anywhere.

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